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Live Reformed is a blog site devoted to Reformed theology and living a reformed life of sanctification into the image of Christ. On this site, you will find blog posts, book reviews, and resources from a reformed worldview.

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Knowing God

Knowing God

In the opening sentence of Jesus’s Farewell Discourse (or High Priestly Prayer) in John 17, He prayed for several things for His disciples. First, He prayed for himself to be glorified and in return, for Him to glorify God. But the next thing He prayed for was eternal life for them. Jesus could have left …

A Summary of Reformed Theology and Its Doctrines?

Reformed Theology is less than a series of doctrines on a page, but more of a worldview in which we read Scripture and perceive the God of its pages. However, when asked, “What is reformed theology?” a wide array of answers can be given. Some would say that reformed beliefs find their footings in certain …

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