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Notes From A Sovereign Grace Preacher

For 55 years, my PawPaw, Pastor Bill McDaniel preached from the pulpit at Lilja Road Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. A man who’s life was invaded by Christ when he was in his early 20’s, he devoted himself to the preaching of the word. This section of the website is devoted to him and his zeal for preaching Christ and Him crucified.

Featured Sermon/Notes

“Studies of the Conscience #1”

The Nature and the Function of The Conscience


Key Text: Romans 2:12-15

What is the conscience and what part does it play in our Christian walk? It acts as a judge in our soul under God. It serves to either accuse or excuse our thoughts and actions. God has written the law on all men’s hearts and the conscious calls before us this law to either affirm us or to condemn us. Pastor Bill references Romans 2:14 that even non-believers have a conscious within them that acts a judge to our thoughts and actions. The conscious consumes two sources in its effort to be effective in its role – the law of nature and the word of the Lord. These sources drive the conscience to perform its works.

Memorable Quotes

  • “All have a conscience and is answerable to God.“
  • “It is a sensor of the moral actions of men and women – it accuses and excuses”
  • “It is God’s deputy in the soul”
  • “God takes the reigns of conscience and uses them in directing the affairs of men and women.”
  • “Conscience urges everyone to be religious to some degree.”
  • “Conscience can be our best friend or our worst enemy”

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